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August 3, 2015

​Abraham by faith...was called, obeyed, went, waited, he lived in a tent, received his inheritance, with Sarah bore their son Isaac, had descendants as numerous as the starts and lived by faith when he died.  

Sarah represented the power or strength of faith.  She counted God faithful.  Sarah believed God and His promises even though they were humanly impossible.  God is the deliverer of promises and is not held to humanly possibilities.  Our faith is what allows us to be strong when we can not see how God will deliver his promise.  

Do not doubt when you can't "see" a solution.  Be strong and have faith like Abraham and patience like Sarah. 

           Amen - may we live by faith as Abraham has done!!! 

Do the thing God has for You - take hold of it and GRAB it with Faith!! 

July 31, 2015 ~

Encourage one another - Live in peace - help the disheartened - be patient with everyone - rejoice always - pray -  be present with friends and strangers in need - work hard for God - warn those who are unproductive - help the weak - strive to do what is good for all - give thanks in all situations - do not quench the spirit - do difficult things.


July 27, 2015 -

Are you waiting for something right now? Do you find you have hope?  Hope is the anchor for the soul, firm & secure according to Hebrews 6:19.  Hope begs for us to be patient.  We wait patiently to receive what was promised as Abraham patiently waited for the life promised. 
Have you been promised something from the Lord?  While we wait we hold firm to hope.
While we wait we pray and hope.  I find great comfort in praying Psalm 23.   I find great peace in praying Lord restore my soul.  This comes after “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want”.  I shall not want means I lack nothing.  So as we pray for what was promised, we hope and wait knowing we lack nothing.  There is a sweet tension in not lacking anything yet desiring more to come.  Forward movement is the way of God.  He desires for us to move forward, yet be content with his plans, his timing, his blessings.  So for now we hope, we wait and we live with the sweet tension between contentment and promises to come. 

~ Nancy 


July 14, 2015 -


At the Transfiguration God spoke and Peter, James and John understood what he said.  Amazing!  God said to them "listen" to Jesus.  This pictures an anticipating in listening, a desire to hear, a hunger to understand a message that is more than just noise.  Sometimes listening is used in scripture with more emphasis than "seeing".  Though seeing is believing, as they say, the proof may be in the hearing.  There are so many ways to hear from God. Are you listening?  



Dr. Jeff


July 6, 2015 ~ 

The myth behind servant leadership (Matthew 20.25-26) is that our servanthood is defined by our actions rather than our motivations.  Servant leadership is an imperative in the passage recounting Jesus’ words to his disciples to “must be” a servant to those they lead. The preceding prerequisite expressed as an imperative is to be motivated from a desire to release and guide, not control others or seek privilege for ourselves.
Dr. Jeff


June 29, 2015  ~  

​Jeff and I have recently consulted with an organization in the middle of change.  We believe, to transform a church or non-profit organization today in the 21st Century requires more of a mission mindset than a pastor as a manager mindset.  Programs are no longer the goal.  The vision drives the decisions and activities of the church or organization.  All decisions are run through the criteria of does this drives us closer to our agreed upon God given vision?   This new mental picture is a change in itself and takes a high level of spiritual and relational vitality to reach the agreed upon God ordained vision.   Fostering deep authentic relationships and an environment for learning will foster growth and transformation.   So both the vision and how this applies to authentic relationships will drive all actions.  

~ Nancy 

June 22, 2015  -

Living out spiritual and relational vitality requires holiness, grace and unity in an engaging community.   Paul in the book of Ephesians cries out asking us to do everything we can to live in unity.  This unity is a bond of peace.  Our love for God and the Holy Spirit actively living in our lives gives us the ability to live in peace unified with others.  Running hard toward this type of transformation is infectious and will change the lives in churches practicing grace and unity.  Understanding our own sin and giving others a profound amount of grace for their sin, transforms a community.  When we can love deeply out of grace and unity our community will evidence transformed lives.

                                                  Ephesians 4: 1- 7

~ Nancy 


MAY 15, 2015  ​

Transformational leaders develop transparent relationship.   Coaching requires modeling appropriate transparency, requiring the same openness in others.
2 Corinthians 6:11 - 13 ~
“We have spoken freely to you, Corinthians, and opened wide our hearts to you. We are not withholding our affection from you, but you are withholding yours from us.  As a fair exchange—I speak as to my children—open wide your hearts also.”


Be transparent with the right people and for the right reason.

The Corinthians had divided hearts – they were withholding their love from Paul and they were listening to false teachers.  These false teachers had stolen their hearts.  They had compromised with the world.  So Paul is asking them to let down their walls / “open wide” and let God’s love in, let Paul’s love in.   

~  Nancy 

April 15, 2015  

Faith is highly underrated.  Do we really believe that faith can move mountains?  When we realize our faith can truly make a difference and move us into profound moments and experiences orchestrated by God our lives will be an adventure like we could not have imagined.  Yet to experience this wild ride with God we need faith that allows God to have his way with and in our life.   As leaders, others are watching us and how we put our daily faith in God.  Our ability to model active faith is one of the most important ways we lead others.

     We need faith that is: 

Quietly listening attentively to God

Obedient to the outlandish things God asks us to do 

Full of love put into action - We need to love with abandonment 

Believing in God's promises

Grateful for all things God allows in our lives.  Both the good and the hard. 

Giving - lavishly giving to others

Strong and courageous 

Bringing people along with us

~ Nancy


January 18, 2015 

Leaders often remind one another that the call to spiritual leadership is not easy.  Yet when hard things arise we seem to look at them as interruptions.  We seem to be discouraged by them.  Yet, part of what we are called to do as leaders is deal with problems, hard situations and conflict with people.  That is our job...our role.  Strong leaders do not shrink back from difficult situations, we are courageously led by God.  The key being "going" to God is to receive guidance.   It doesn't stop there.  We go to God then we "listen" - we listen carefully for God's voice and direction.  Then when he gives it, we go "do" it.   Transformation comes with problems - count on it.  


You may have heard it said that the pain of staying the same needs to be greater than the pain of changing for someone to choose the pain of changing.   I will look more closely at this in our next thoughts on leadership.   

~ Nancy 


November 25th ~  Hebrews 5:11-14

 “We have much to say about this, but it is hard to explain because you are slow to learn. In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God's word all over again. You need milk, not solid food!  Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil?” We see in this scripture Paul’s desire for his audience, who were Jewish Christians, to become more mature in their faith.  They had been believers long enough their faith should have been stronger and they should be teaching others what it means to follow God.  Instead, many Jewish Christians were reverting to their old ways and not living in Freedom...the Freedom Jesus has offered them and us. They knew what Paul meant - Do YOU ever do this? WRITE down one thing you can do to live out a more mature life - like Paul is asking. Some present day thoughts representing mature faith: 1)   Spend time each day listening to God 2)   Not gossiping 3)   Empowers others – Train, step aside and share the platform 4)   Do what is needed when no one else will. You may have to think about this one?  

~ Nancy


October 28 ~  A Leaders job to deliver God’s message based on Ezekiel ‘s call from God

​In Ezekiel chapter 2 God calls Ezekiel to deliver specific messages to the people of Israel based on the messages God gives Ezekiel.  God asks Ezekiel to not be afraid “though briers and thorns are all around you”.  STILL deliver my message God says to Ezekiel.  God says something very important next to Ezekiel.  He says deliver the message I give to you Ezekiel, whether they listen to you or fail to listen to you. It is God’s job to give us a message to deliver and God’s responsibility for the outcome.  It is the LEADERS responsibility to be obedient and deliver the message God has given us to share.   What message has God called you to deliver lately?

~ Nancy 


October 6th 2014 -  You usually know when you are with a transformational spiritual leader.  They just ooze the fact that they love to help others grow and change for the Kingdom of God.  God has captured their heart and has ignited their soul to join Him in living a surrendered life for His purposes.  They instinctually know that they are to focus on what is best for all involved instead of getting distracted by their own personal agenda.  On the other side of the continuum you may have experienced someone who does not love to see things change and prefers life to remain comfortable and predictable.  These people have trouble being intentional and do not thrive in a transformational environment.  This type of person may halt progress in the Kingdom of God and most often do not focus on what is best for the group.  As professional coaches and coaches that thrive on training other coaches and leaders, we are energized by spiritual transformation; both in others and desire the same in ourselves.  By definition, to experience spiritual transformation means that you are changing in your form, your appearance, your nature and especially your character so that it reflects Jesus Christ.  


~ Nancy 

When you are doing work God approves, life is an adventure.

 Let the adventure begin!

Everyone is unique in some way, possessing hidden value waiting to be unlocked.  For an author, unlocking and managing this hidden value is key to developing the most successful publishing career possible.  For our other clients unlocking this hidden value results in turning placeholders into difference makers.

We believe God has built into every life a message to be shared. Everyone has been created with a unique design and special purpose in life that should be heard.

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