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We inspire and release hidden value in people

Welcome to the Hidden Value Group

The Hidden Value Group has partnered with Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International & The Retreat at Hidden Treasure to offer a fully accredited online coaching course called

“Professional Master Life Coaching”.

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Everyone is unique in some way, possessing hidden value waiting to be unlocked.  For an author, unlocking and managing this hidden value is key to developing the most successful publishing career possible.  For our other clients unlocking this hidden value results in turning placeholders into difference makers.

More than forty years of service as agents, authors, and consultants equips the Hidden Value Group to help make your next project a success. With a network of staff and freelance associates we bring an ability to customize our expertise to your changing professional requirements.

We believe God has built into every life a message to be shared. Everyone has been created with a unique design and special purpose in life that should be heard.

Professional Master Life Coach
Online Course Training

When you are doing work that God approves, life is an adventure.

 Let the adventure begin!

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