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Article on burnout for Pastors, Physicians, Chaplains and any first responder professional.  

Read "When More Is Not Enough" by Dr. Jeff Jernigan 

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 Turning Placeholders into Difference Makers

Bringing out the hidden value in people and groups is often the key to turning placeholders into difference makers. The Hidden Value Group offers several services designed to discover, assess, and unleash that hidden value.

Matching people to roles and functions maximizes motivation in life and bottom-line results in work. Team building, communication and organizational assessment are other training applications as well.

We provide training for groups of all sizes designed to develop an appetite for reality, openness to new solutions, and an engaging powerful humility in and out of the workplace. Managing the power of ego in order to transform jobholders into difference makers.

Jeff and his wife Nancy make their home in southern California with three grown children living throughout the U.S. and a current count of grandchildren at 7.

The Hidden Value Group consults with churches and faith-based non-profit organizations in need of healing, health and hope in the middle of transitions, conflict or growth with a focus on leadership development, corporate strategy and health and executive search,

In addition, we equip physicians and other healthcare providers to deal with the rigors of their professions.

Jeff has served as pastor, missionary, counselor, hospital administrator and human resources professional for more than thirty years. Author of TILT: Small Shifts in Leadership that Make a Big Difference, and The Power of a Loving Man: 13 Keys to Setting Your Heart Free.  Jeff has served in thirty-eight countries around the world as a leading executive in missions as well as the corporate business world. Other books by Jeff include The Six-Figure Job Hunting Handbook (Crown Books) and Leadership with Panache and he has contributed to a number of Bible Studies in the Life Changers series. Success in ministry, job, coaching, career life planning, marriage and family issues, men’s issues, and character development are just a few of the topics Jeff has addressed to audiences ranging from small groups to stadiums.

Nancy has a proven track record teaching leaders, discipleship, character development for women and small group ministry principles. Nancy’s career blends success as a corporate marketing executive with success as a women’s ministry leader teaching the fundamentals of a Biblical foundation in life and faith. As a speaker, Nancy is in demand both for small group appearances, large church events and leadership development. Comfortable with audiences of any size, Nancy communicates with a vulnerability and transparency that is winsome and underscores the genuine character of her message. A consummate motivator and disciplemaker, Nancy knows how to influence the influencers.

​​Influencing the Influencers

Consulting and Speaking Services