We inspire and release hidden value in

people and groups

Hidden Value Group, LLC

Hidden Value Group - Literary Services

We believe God has built into every life a message to be shared. Everyone has been created with a unique design and special purpose in life that should be heard.

The Hidden Value Group represents previously published Christian authors specializing in family, marriage, parenting, fiction, inspirational, self-help, business and women’s and men’s issues.

The Hidden Value Group does more than  just connect writer and printer – they help build long term relationships between authors and publishers.  Authors are more than their latest project.  Authors are people with a message that extends far beyond what the reader may see in print.  It is this larger message Jeff and Nancy are experts at building.

Jeff and Nancy Jernigan have combined successful corporate careers with success in publishing.  Jeff and Nancy have each been in publishing for more than twenty years each, working with hundreds of authors helping to establish Focus on the Family and Nav Press as leaders in the Christian publishing industry.  Nancy’s background as a corporate publishing marketing executive, certified Professional Master Life Coach and Jeff’s experience as a corporate executive, counselor, editor and author equip them as a team to bring a full range of support to their best-selling authors.