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Coaching Programs Leading to Restoration

Your mind is in order & functioning in your best interest.

Your mind is in order & functioning in your best interest.

Health, Healing, and Restoration

Thinking, feeling, and acting in ways that create healthy physical and social well-being.

Our wellness comes to us through our shared connections, our lifestyles, and our freedom from illness and injury.  When we have good health we can sow peace in our own lives and the lives of others.  The first two names God uses of himself are the words merciful and gracious, and it is out of this generosity we can experience health.  Experiencing this generosity is a matter of listening to the whispers and experiencing the breakthroughs in our lives that assures us God is present.  

Peace does not come naturally, it must be created.  Often the inner sense of peace and purpose in our lives is disturbed or even wounded.  When someone or something has marred our inner person, only Jesus Christ can give us back our humanity.  The first two words Jesus used to describe himself are gentle and lowly.  Creating time and space for healing takes discipline, while staying busy just takes the tyranny of the urgent.  Gentle, humble care is the foundation of healing for the whole person.  

Merciful, gracious, gentle, and lowly are not the first ideas about God and Jesus Christ that usually come to mind.  That image needs to be restored just as our body, mind, and spirit are in constant need of repair.  Restoration can be described as a process of returning something to a former owner who understands how to repair, mend, strengthen, and restore.  Something in our lives seems to be always dismantling while at the same time something is being restored.   This is a mystery!  We have been given the Holy Spirit in order to know and understand the mysteries, the gifts and grace given to us.

Our ministry meets people where they are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with evidence-based resources focused on physiology, mental wellness, and spiritual fitness.  There is joy and a willing spirit to be discovered in each of us.  Surely goodness and lovingkindness and a relationship with Him will be part of my life forever.